About Us

Why was the name "agape" chosen for the company?

Agape, a Greek word for love was used in the Bible. Jesus used this rendition of the word when he told his followers to "Love one another..." When deciding a name for our mortgage company, this was chosen, because it best represented our company's mission; to love one another. To put the customer first, before us is the reason for our existence.

Why was Agape Home Mortgage started?

Agape Home Mortgage began in 1991, when, by God's grace, I was led for the purpose of providing something to the retail public that was very difficult to find in the mortgage industry at that time; honesty and integrity. Spending 5+ years prior working for mortgage brokers, direct lenders and a bank, I found it frustrating competing constantly with fraud, cheating, lying etc. One day I realized that I need not compete against those things. I felt God was telling me that if I were to take this step of faith, and commit a company to Him and His work, the doors of opportunity would be open to provide a service which I felt was unparalleled in this industry. That service is honesty. By the very name Agape, many Christians call, longing for something different than their previous experiences obtaining a mortgage loan. Knowing the root of the word, being "love" they expected that they will be treated this way. It is the intention of Agape Home Mortgage to provide a service where love rather than greed is being offered. This I believe is what God was calling me to do.

What can Agape Home Mortgage do for me?

Since real estate tends to represent the single largest investment most of us ever make, it is vital to secure the best financing available. Every borrower has different needs, every property is unique, and every lender has its own rules and programs.

The difficulty for most people in shopping for their own loan is that they don't know all the right questions to ask. Adding to that difficulty is the fact that most lenders have only two or three programs to offer, so their job is to sell you what they have, rather than find the program that fulfills your needs.

We, on the other hand, can tailor the package to fit your needs, based upon many factors, such as your current income, your expectation of future earnings, and how long you plan to own the property. Since we broker through many different lenders, we have access to every sort of program.

We will explain all your options and assist you in making a fully informed choice. And, since our fee is based on the loan amount, not the loan program, we are not motivated to try to sell you a loan that you don't want.

Does it cost more to use the services of a mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers provide an extremely important service in the field of finance, including the loan origination, working face to face with borrower, prequalifying the loan, verifying the credit and property aspects of the loan and making sure that you, the borrower, are protected in all areas of the loan.

The mortgage broker then presents the loan to the mortgage lender for funding. For providing this valuable service, the lender gives the mortgage broker a wholesale cost that makes it possible for you, the borrower, to obtain the most competitive rates available.

What kind of service should I expect from my mortgage broker?

We know that for most of us, one of the most important considerations with any loan is simply to stay in constant touch with the borrower. We also know the importance of getting the job done in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in the number of referrals sent to us by satisfied borrowers and we are committed to earning the respect and confidence of every single client.

How can I know that I will receive the best possible loan for my needs?

Lenders from all over the country send us daily rate quotes on their particular loan programs. However, many loan programs may not fit the particular needs of you, the borrower. That's why working closely with you, we are able to seek out the lending program that truly fits your needs, and not the lender's. With the assistance of an internet service we subscribe to which only accommodates mortgage brokers; we can search all of the lenders automatically for the loan which meets your specific need.

As your mortgage broker, we understand the needs and desires of the customers we serve. For us, nothing is more important than making sure you get the best loan in today's fast changing market.

Can I receive a rate commitment to protect me in this volatile market?

Quite often you, the borrower may wish to receive a letter of commitment from the mortgage broker which will ensure that the rate offered is available at closing. Agape Home Mortgage offers such rate protection.

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